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Tier-Rack Corporation is a specialty rack manufacturer specializing in portable racks, warehouse racks and tire racks including racks for military vehicles including, but not limited to: truck and passenger vehicle tires, bus and jeep tires, transport vehicle tires and aircraft tires.

Military equipment requires sturdy racking. Tier-Rack designs racks for heavy trucks, buses and OTR tires (farm tractors, mining machinery, etc). We have designed tire storage racks for the U.S. Air Force, Navy and other military entities.  Our racks allow for multiple tires to be moved at one time, thereby reducing handling time and  risks of injuries.  Tier-Rack military tire rack can also be used with full wheel assemblies provided that we are provided with accurate weights prior to manufacturing. 

Military Truck and Vehicle Tire Racks

We can create a rack specially designed to hold your tires standing on tread or barrel stacked.  This tire storage system can be made to hold any size tires.  Tire capacity is determined by the length and configuration of the rack (quantity may vary with the size of the tires). The tire storage rack can also be equipped with ramps that can be used to roll a tire into the rack and can serve to hold the tires in place. 

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Service and Smaller Military Vehicle Tire Racks

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The passenger & light truck rack is a flexible and mobile storage rack that allows you to reduce tire handling time.  We carry both all steel tire racks as well as the original Tier-Rack pallet stacking frame. This style of rack was developed to hold all types of tires for passenger cars and light trucks.  Click on this link for more information on passenger and light duty truck tire racks.

Tier-Rack also handles used tire racks in all styles and sizes including military applications, depending on availability.  Click on this link for more information on used tire rack.