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Center Post

The Center Post model is a stacking rack used mainly as a tire storage system. The rack posts are attached to the center of the pallet edges, which gives better access to the tires.


Corner Post

Corner Post Tier-Rack frames are used to turn a warehouse pallet into a stackable tire rack. This is a flexible alternative to standard warehouse racking.


Over & Under

For lighter loads, the cost of the over and under "top X" compares favorably to used warehouse shelving. This warehouse tire rack breaks down into a very dense bundle for shipping or storage in your warehouse when empty. Unlike your steel warehouse rack, storage of empty stack racks is simple.


Tier-Rack Frame Options

Side Brace

Add side braces when you need additional support. They make your stackable pallet almost as strong as an all steel metal rack

TRFSideframe BC9911

"J" Brace

For side containment add “J” braces on two sides of the portable rack resulting in a steel shipping container.


Extended Pallet

If you need to contain long product, we can provide a stacking rack that attaches to the pallet on the inner deck boards.

TRFExtendedPallet Extendedplltphoto